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Behind The Music

Kid Kole is strongly influenced by the experiences of his past. Growing up in Toronto, Canada, Kid Kole quickly acclimated to the Hip-Hop and Music culture in the city that has bred some of the greatest artists of this generation.

Kid Kole has created a unique style, composing of Hip-Hop and R&B influence, which compliments his late-night, low-key style.

Kid Kole connected with the immensely talented 16-year-old producer Jason Seigel. After releasing the single 'Faded', Kid Kole and Jason knew that this friendship would grow into something much greater. Following the release of 'Moonlight', Kid Kole and Jason worked exclusively to release The Kid's debut EP 'You Don't Know Nothing Bout Love'. 

The dynamic duo will be making a name for themselves in 2021.

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